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Formerly known as Radiant Reiki and Aromatherapy by Tammy, The Otter's Den reflects a natural evolution from my own healing path combined with the knowledge and skills I have learned and become certified and accredited with as well as the cultural learning I have undertaken on the good red road and the road of my Indigenous, French and Metis ancestry. 

What I have to offer you on your path reaches far beyond reiki and aromatherapy alone. I offer you the opportunity to start - or continue - your healing journey assisted by reiki, aromatherapy, herbal remedies and spiritual guidance. I walk my talk as I have travelled down my own healing path for over 30 years and I would be honoured to help guide you on your unique journey.


Tammy Cadue CRA-RT 16-170, CAHP 

My Path

My healing journey was accelerated in 2016 when I took a medical leave from my job at a healthcare facility after experiencing a six - month downward spiral that was triggered by events in my workplace that arose from a changing political environment. I felt alone and betrayed by the people I had been working for.  

Had I developed the tools to deal with adversity in the workplace or had my self esteem been healthier, that six month downward spiral would never have happened. Although I had started journeying on my healing path long ago, there were underlying feelings and events that were being triggered within me that needed to be dealt with for me to move past the shell of myself that I had become.

Through intensive psychotherapy (psycho-analysis), Reiki healing, aromatherapy and through learning about my indigenous heritage and living more in line with my cultural teachings and with my purpose, I have been healing my childhood trauma and becoming my authentic self. 

I have had PTSD episodes and I have experienced depression in my life on more than one occasion but it was this last depressive episode that pushed me to really and truly look at the underlying causes of these episodes and I have worked hard to face my past - sexual abuse and other childhood trauma - and to get rid of those old coping mechanisms that just don't work now.  

What I have to offer my clients is real life experience in dealing with trauma, professional certification in Reiki and Aromatherapy via the Canadian Reiki Association and the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists, a highly intuitive nature and as most of my friends and clients will tell you, empathy.  I am an intuitive empath. 

The Seven Teachings: The Great Binding Law of Gitchi Manitoo - The Great Spirit

I live my life by honouring the seven teachings: Truth, Respect, Love, Courage, Honesty, Wisdom and Humility.  In all the services and teachings that I offer to you, you will find that there is a tenant of each of the seven teachings wrapped up within them. 

It takes each of the seven teachings to help us let go of those things that are preventing us from healing.

As an holistic practitioner and healer I can use my skills and the seven teachings to assist you on your own journey.